Recent Activities

Consulted for a major international oil company in an assesment of the hydrocarbon potential of their blocks in Suriname and the Guyana Basin.  Completed an integrated GIS project for both regional and prospect analysis.  This included integrated modeling using gravity, magnetic, seismic, well log and geological data.  Work also included data integration and depth to basement inversion.
Consulting for a major chemical company in the evaluation of sites for construction of plants in Mexico and China.  Evaluated 2 and 3-D seismic, well and geological data.  Constructed GIS projects and integrated models over proposed sites.
Screening prospects over areas in the Texas Gulf Coast, Williston Basin, Big Horn Basin, New York, New Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand and Bulgaria for an investment group in Denver, Colorado.  This involves and analysis of the economic potential using risk and economic analysis, as well as geological and geophysical analysis and interpretation.
Started the Madison Valley Energy Company to invest in a percentage of an 7,700 acre lease in Kenedy County, south Texas.  Wells will be drilled to the lower Frio and Vicksberg formations.  Estimated risked reserves are 200 BCFG.  The operator is a large Australian company.


Recent Publications:


Odegard, M.E. (2005) Passive Margin Development in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico with a Special Emphasis on Proto Oceanic Crust; Proceedings: “25th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference”, December, Houston (Invited Paper).

Dickson, W.G., C. Schiefelbein, J. Zumberge and M.E. Odegard (2005) Basin Analysis in Brazilian and West African Conjugates: Combining Disciplines to Deconstruct Hydrocarbon Systems; Proceedings “25th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference”, December, Houston (Invited Paper).

Odegard, M.E. (2005) Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana Module from the Caribbean Area, Volume VII, Module 5 (SURGB) from the North Atlantic Margins Basins Analysis Project, Grizzly Geosciences, Sugar Land, Texas, 123 pages.

B.R. Rosendahl, W.U. Mohriak, M. Nemčok, M.E. Odegard, J.P. Turner, W.G. Dickson (2005) West African and Brazilian conjugate margins: Crustal types, architecture, and plate configurations, paper presented at the 4th HGS/PESGB International Conference On African E&P, Houston.